Too Stinkin’ Cool!

Another Hatchett Job blog, crafts, craft, creativityThe subtitle of this post could very well read, “And now we interrupt this series on homeschooling to bring you something crafty….”

Aren’t these little lovebird pillows on the right side just adorable?  Earlier this year, I needed a gift for a bridal shower.   Let’s just say that while on a tight budget, I needed a gift with some pizazz.

Enter my incredibly talented cousin, Laurie, and her gorgeous little boutique called The Green Haus in Griffin, GA.  At her grand opening, I had noticed that she was selling some super cute, very different pillow covers.  They were neutral, could be modern or not, and very classy—the kind of thing that wouldn’t go out of style in a couple of years.

Another Hatchett Job blog, frugal gifts, wedding gifts, The Green Haus, Crafts, Sewing
photo by Jan Hatchett

When I got my shower invitation, I knew that this was just the ticket.  Now, fortunately, my cousin (and her Mom, my aunt, make lots of the creative items for her shop) are amazingly creative and after talking about it a bit, we decided to go with the groom’s last name on one and lovebirds for the other.  I think they came out fantastically well!

So, two 16 inch pillow forms later and the perfect gift was achieved!  The fabric was a natural canvas, similar to a drop cloth with black designs and burlap flowers with button centers.  They turned out too stinkin’ cool, if you ask me!

Now, I didn’t sew these, but after years of quilting, I can muster up a pillow cover or two.  But, for these, I really think it was the embellishments that truly brought them to life.  I think I will be looking at pillow covers in a whole new way now!

What’s your go to gift item?

Till next time,

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