Blast From the Past: Vintage Sheet Crafts

A short time ago, in a blogosphere far, far away, a little red headed blogger got in WAY over her head with a self hosted blog and one day–POOF–it refused to publish or save any more posts.  Even her techno savvy friends and family members (hi, Dad!) couldn’t save her beloved blog.  Sadly, the girl (who loves to write, but is only minimally techno savvy, by the way) restarted her blog on WordPress (but not the self hosted kind).  But, hating to lose her previous 800+ posts that wouldn’t be seen, she came up with a brilliant idea (!) to institute a feature to bring back some of her older posts that she wanted to keep or thought were good.  Hence the new feature:  Blast From The Past!

So, if you have followed my blog in that other, sadder blogosphere, you have probably already seen this one.  But, you might like it even more now…  Hey, you never know!

So, from April 2nd, 2012….

Another Hatchett Job blog, apron, vintage sheets, sewing, vintage sheets craftAfter a few really good deals at local thrift shops, I have amassed a good amount of vintage sheets to use in various projects.  I simply adore the beautiful, feminine prints on them and find them lovely for sewing.

This apron was crafted from a single king sized pillowcase in a pink roses print (it’s a bit faded in the photos) and some soft rope that hubby had on hand.  It was done in about an hour, even with sewing machine issues and needles breaking.  Love that.

I delivered it today and my friend, Beverly, absolutely loved it.  She and I both have two boys, so we understand the need for a little something practical and pretty sometimes.vintage sheet creative commons

Of course, there are a hundred ways to jazz up this simple apron.  The pocket is made of the same fabric and it isn’t very obvious like it would be if I had used a contrasting fabric.  Or some ric-rack, or lace, or bias binding, or piping, or an applique….WHEW!  The ideas just don’t quit coming some days.

What interesting craft materials do YOU find at thrift shops?

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett


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