And Now for Something Really Different….

Another Hatchett Job blog, creative commons attribution, shoulder, shoulders, shoulder pain, rotator cuff strainSometimes, life just throws you a curve ball and apparently, it hit me hard in both shoulders this time.  Fresh off of my stress fracture in my foot, I have managed to come down with dual sports injuries (oh, the irony).  My wonderful doctor tells me that I have bilateral rotator cuff strain and has given me anti-inflammatory medication and pain pills to get me through the holiday and onward toward recovery.  She also gave me what she promised would be a couple of very simple, yet very effective stretches to help to regain my range of motion and begin to ease the pain.

After doing these stretches, I must say that they are very effective…and sadistic!  Oh.  My.  Word!  I could definitely tell that something was happening deep in my shoulder at the origin of my pain, something evil!  But, I must admit that each time I do them (and I am doing them about 3 times per day) they are a little easier to complete, a little better stretch, and maybe a tad less pain overall.

Which brings me to the incredible sport that I injured myself in.  Quilting.  Yes, quilting.  Hand quilting at that.  Doesn’t that just sound like a rugged, outdoorsy thing to do?  Competitively stitching up a storm with total abandon to one’s own safety?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so, either.  But, hand quilting with my Mom at our quilt frame did me in.  I am short and have short arms, so I was constantly reaching and overreaching both over and under that frame to quilt out as far as my Mom did so that we could roll that baby down for another round of Baptist fans.  Little did I know!

So, since both shoulders are injured, I am officially in a sling for the left arm for 10 days to 2 weeks before my re-check with the doctor to make sure all if progressing well.  Then, if it is, we move the sling to the right arm to let it heal for a similar time frame.  Not much of a problem, except that I am right in the middle of Christmas crafting and sewing season!  Ugh!

I like to make my gifts.  I mean that I really don’t feel like it is Christmas without some crafty, quilty, sewing fun.  And, here I sit and type (a no-no, by the way) wondering what to do.

I had some gift ideas in mind, but they require a bit more than I will be able to handle for the next 20-24 days and there isn’t time afterward to do much of anything else.  So, pretty much all of my Christmas ideas are out of the window for now.

Time for some creative brainstorming, I think.  While I ponder, perhaps you could help me out a bit…

What is your favorite easy, budget friendly, gift idea for an injured crafter?

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett



2 thoughts on “And Now for Something Really Different….

  1. Aw, I am so sorry to hear you are injured! I do hope you will recover quickly.
    All my crafts are no-sew (I have no where near as much talent as you!) but I’m sure you will come up with something fabulous. Get well SOON!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! Actually, I am interested in no sew crafts right now as I might still be able to do a few before Christmas with my bum shoulders. I would love if you share some!

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