Great Kid Gifts!

One of my favorite blogs for finding great, budget friendly ideas is the One Hundred Dollars a Month blog by Mavis.  I love the projects, recipes, and ideas that I find there and this year has been no exception.  Because of my recent injury, much of my Christmas sewing ideas have flown right out of the window.  However, Mavis has had some stellar no-sew ideas this year and she has not let me down!

That being said, here is what I made for the students at the homeschooling co-op where my kids and I attend and teach, respectively.

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Another great idea from Mavis!

Ain’t it just too stinking cute?  What kid doesn’t like candy?  It isn’t a toy that will break or a doo-dad that needs to be stored and dusted and taken care of.  It’s just for fun and it is easy to do.  Check out the simple tutorial that Mavis posted here.  These could be really cute stocking stuffers or gifts for your kids to give their friends.

What cute Christmas crafts have YOU found on the internet lately?

Till next time,

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