Blast From the Past: Quilts Completed

A short time ago, in a blogosphere far, far away, a little red headed blogger got in WAY over her head with a self hosted blog and one day–POOF–it refused to publish or save any more posts.  Even her techno savvy friends and family members (hi, Dad!) couldn’t save her beloved blog.  Sadly, the girl (who loves to write, but is only minimally techno savvy, by the way) restarted her blog on WordPress (but not the self hosted kind).  But, hating to lose her previous 800+ posts that wouldn’t be seen, she came up with a brilliant idea (!) to institute a feature to bring back some of her older posts that she wanted to keep or thought were good.  Hence the new feature:  Blast From The Past!

So, if you have followed my blog in that other, sadder blogosphere, you have probably already seen this one.  But, you might like it even more now…  Hey, you never know!

So, from September 29th, 2011….

Here is a little update on two projects that are completed. One is for a dear friend of mine from my Jewelry business. She has been such a blessing to me and has been instrumental in training me for the business. She recently loss her mother and her father has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is having a very hard time with the loss of his wife.

Another Hatchett Job blog, quilts, quilting, machine quilting, pieced quilt back, frugal giftsThis quilt was completely machine pieced and quilted. I used a serpentine stitch to quilt it and it added a nice soft effect to the quilt. This is the first machine quilting that I have done on my new machine (or at all in a few years) and I have to admit that it turned out far nicer than I expected it to. And it was wonderful working with the pieced backing. While everything in this quilt came from my stash (sans batting), it was such fun to see that the back was as pretty as the front. Love that!Another Hatchett Job blog, donation quilt, frugal gift, crafts, sewing, quilting, quilts

Here is a shot of the second completed quilt. This one was a collaboration between Mom and me. I pieced and she finished and bound the edges. I think it looks just perfect on the porch of her and Dad’s log cabin.

That’s the quilting view from where I sit. I have a Scrappy Bargello in process that is from the Quiltville site. Love that Bonnie’s quilts! I will also have to start on Mom and Dad’s quilt soon. Shhh! Don’t rat me out, m’kay?

What projects do YOU have underway?

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett


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