If at First You Don’t Succeed….

Try another pattern…or two!  Since I am not going to arrive naked at a beach wedding (you can thank me later), I will need something to wear and I am not giving up on the homemade route quite yet!

Tonight, I went out and bought two patterns that looked very easy to sew that I found at my local Hobby Lobby.  I usually like to wait until there is a sale or a coupon to do something like that, but some days it has to be done!

These are my current selections….

Another Hatchett Job, plus sized sewing, learning to sew, photo by Ethan Hatchett, frugal life
McCall’s M6971
Another Hatchett Job, plus sized sewing, McCalls M5640, sewing patterns, learning to sew, frugal life, photo by Ethan Hatchett
McCalls pattern M5640


I am using woven fabric in florals for the dresses that I have in mind for this beach-y affair, so I couldn’t use my new Colette Moneta pattern, as it is designed for knit fabrics only.  But, these should be simple to pull off, big enough to need minimal pattern adjustments, and quick enough to finish in time for my trip.  Plus, I love the tunic options that are on both patterns.  As long as one of them is ready to go by Friday at noon, I am happy.

Let’s hope I can get some happy!

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett


4 thoughts on “If at First You Don’t Succeed….

  1. Good choices. You will get many new outfits out of those two patterns. They look like there is not much fitting that has to be done so they should go together quickly. Thanks for sharing.

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