My First Muslin

Or vintage sheet creation, if you prefer. Ahhh, it started out so well. I located and purchased a pattern that would be more than large enough and which appeared to be flattering. I found amazing fabric with a 40% off Another Hatchett Job blog, creative commons, frustrated woman, education, homeschoolcoupon. I carefully adjusted my pattern according to the few things I had learned to do. And I used a lovely old sheet for my muslin to make sure everything would fit just right.

Then, it all began to unravel….

Sewing curved seams bedeviled me. I found oodles of excess pleats and little tucks that got sewn in, out of nowhere. Sigh. Un-sew and sew again. And again.

And finally, the fitting. I was absolutely giddy as I changed into my new “muslin” (isn’t that professional sounding?) so that Mom could help me pin the back seam and check the fit.

Um, wow. The dress was nothing at all as I expected it to be. Even after adjusting carefully for my measurements, the yoke, which was supposed to end on my high bust was dangling dangerously off my full bust, leaving the full bust curve underneath my bust entirely. Much like a cow, I now had udders. Sigh.

We raised the shoulder seams and that got the yoke partially raised into place. But, if I arranged the waist and high bust correctly, there was still quite a bit of fabric that will need to be removed from the bottom of the yoke and the top of the bodice.Another Hatchett Job, plus sized sewing, learning to sew, first muslin, vintage sheet, photo by Ethan Hatchett

My Mom kindly noticed that the side seam of the skirt seemed to stick out at an odd and unflattering angle. After smoothing the skirt, we determined that, unfortunately, that was the angle that runs from my hip to my waist naturally, so there really isn’t any fixing for that (at least that is sewing related).

Other than that, the skirt is nice and full and flowing, just like a summer dress should be. I am almost tempted to cut off the skirt, put in a zipper and waist band and wear it anyway. But, I am holding off because I know that this pattern is not completely hopeless and that as I pick up more skill in altering patterns, I will know how to alter this pattern in the future.

If I can fix it in the future, it will be worth it, because despite the odd hip angle, the skirt is really awesome.

But, that means that this dress (which should have been my Easter dress) that I was planning to wear to a wedding this weekend ain’t happening.

On the other hand, I am so glad I didn’t cut my fashion fabric and made the muslin. So, I have purchased two more patterns and different fabric for a sundress that, I hope and pray, goes together quickly and without a hitch.
Wish me luck!

Till next time.

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