McCall’s M6971…It’s a Lot Like Cheating!

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Remember this one?

It’s a lot like cheating, because, well…I AM seriously cheating! After battling the viral crud for a week and a half, running like crazy to get kids to appointments and lessons, my Mom felt seriously sorry for me and my looming deadline and decided that she would make the dress for me.

Whew! That leaves a whole lot less margin of error than with this beginner tackling it. However, after this one, I will be the one sewing this pattern, so I am not off the hook.  Besides, Mom can handle it.  She made my wedding dress and all of my bridal party dresses, too!

To the best of my knowledge, Mom adjusted the length by an inch or so (I am SO short-waisted) in the middle of the pattern and blended from my shoulder size out to my waist size.  This pattern is so simply shaped that not much else was needed.  [Correction, after much consideration, Mom added two darts to the lower back for shaping]

So, this pattern is ready to sew when I get back and get ready. I saw some multi-colored polka dots at Hobby Lobby the other day that are seriously calling my name, too!  Plus, I found another 3 yards of a floral that someone gave us in some free quilting fabric.  I already have some knit that I can use.  Oh, choices, choices!  Plus, who can resist multi-colored polka dots???Another Hatchett Job, plus sized sewing, learning to sew, vintage sheet, photo by Ethan Hatchett

The muslin (vintage sheet, of course) will turn in to a lovely, soft summer nightgown, complete with little yellow flowers.  It’s a little too sheer for day wear, but perfect for a hot, summer night.

So, here she is! The final dress. Mom is an absolute doll (always has been) and let me look good even if I do admit to cheating a lot with this one.

With any luck, I will be able to post some photos of me wearing this baby at the wedding.

Till next time,

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2 thoughts on “McCall’s M6971…It’s a Lot Like Cheating!

  1. That dress turned out fabulously! So pretty! I hope you’ll share a picture or two of you modeling this gorgeous dress!

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