McCall’s M6971…The Road Test

Another Hatchett Job, plus sized sewing, learning to sew, sewing, plus size fashion
Me with My Knight on Jekyll Island, Georgia
photo by Ethan Hatchett

We made it down to the campground at Jekyll Island, Georgia around 9 pm and set up camp in the dark (which is kind of normal for us).  The dress was unveiled for the beach wedding that we were invited to attend on Driftwood Beach.  The theme was Middle Ages/Renaissance and my youngest son and hubby were in costume for this event and looking rather regal, I might add.  Elder son decided that it would be more fun to stay home and take care of his dog who had recently had surgery.  Crowds and fuss and costumes aren’t always his thing.

Another Hatchett Job, plus sized sewing, learning to sew, sewing, plus size fashion
Hubby, Younger Son, and Me at Renaissance Wedding
photo by Charlie Muise

And then there was the issue of having to share a tent with his brother….  That just wasn’t going to happen.

So, after hanging the dress in the car on the way down and being really concerned that it would wrinkle (we don’t carry and ironing board and iron camping), the dress was unveiled just a bit after the sputtering rain had stopped, leaving only blue skies and fluffy clouds for the bride and groom.

The event was really fun and about half of the guests were in costume, along with the families and wedding party.  I am happy with my dress and I will be able to wear it to many other functions, but I must say that the costumes were lovely and that the full, long skirts were darn flattering on everyone.  This was one of the few events that I have seen that was designed around people having fun as opposed to only encompassing traditions.  There were plenty of activities for young and old alike to enjoy.

Although we arrived late Friday and left before noon on Sunday, this was a great trip with some family time, a nice talk with a friend around the campfire and a whole lot of fun memories!  I call it a success, dress and all.

Till next time,

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