Great Gift Idea!

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Maybe it’s a Southern thing (I am a Georgia gal), or maybe it is a Yankee thing (I was raised by Yankee parents, living in the Deep South), or maybe it just universal, but sometimes, you just gotta take someone a meal.

Not just the Church potluck kind of meal, but a real, hope you feel better, take care of yourself, kindness kind of meal. The kind of thing that nobody is likely to be allergic to and that even little kids won’t turn up their noses at.

I think that an amazing baby shower for a Mom who is having additional children would be for everyone to bring a freezer meal or two for her family to enjoy while she is recovering and adjusting for her new addition and older children’s new routine. It would also be great for Newlyweds who have already received most of their physical needs and wants. How ’bout a month’s worth of meals with the recipe cards for each one so they can be reproduced by the new bride and groom. Maybe put the cards in a notebook for them.

A grieving family could use some meals that are simple to finish up for their kids or themselves when they feel like eating.

Shut ins could have meals that are pre-portioned to be easy to complete and have no left overs. The possibilities are endless of who you could bless with these meals!

Of course, be mindful of special dietary needs and allergies. You don’t want to accidentally make a bad situation worse.Another Hatchett Job blog, creative commons attribution, kale, healthy foods, superfood, recipe

And, if you cook from scratch (or close to it) you can save money and be able to do a bit more.

You might even want to put a few meals back for future need for your family or even in case you need one to take in a jiffy.

Check out these links for some fabulous meal ideas (even some breakfasts):
10 Easy Meals to Take to New Moms
This site is a phenomenal resource for “ministry meals.” A group could register a recipient, sign up for different days to deliver meals and even make sure the same recipe isn’t sent multiple times! It also includes Low Sodium and Gluten Free recipe options.Top 13 Meal Ministry Meals  also Recipe Section.

I hope these sites give you some wonderful ideas on helping others through taking a meal!

Have you even gifted a meal to a family before?  What did you send?

Till next time,

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