Remember Me?

IMG_3030This little number was the first dress muslin that my Mom and I made (okay, mostly Mom) in order to find out if a new pattern that I had purchased had worked.

It was an utter disaster!  I blogged about it here.  Both Mom and I were utterly disgusted with the pattern, the fit, and everything about it.  But, we didn’t throw it out.  We shoved it into a bag and started on another idea.

And it sat in the bag.  And sat.  And finally, we ran across it and decided that maybe it wasn’t quite as awful and we first thought.  So, we altered it heavily and gave it a new shot.  It looks SO much better now!  Sorry about the photo.  I am not sure why no one mentioned that the dress was bunchy and the hem crooked.  Sigh.  And we won’t mention the odd expression on my face.  Yikes!

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Photo by Ethan Hatchett


But, it is still not quite right.  So, back to the drawing board we go!  We lifted the front yoke significantly in order to make it sit on my high bust.  Now, we will lift the bodice a tad higher so that the fullest part of the princess seams actually sit directly on my, er, …fullest parts, shall we say?

So, maybe I was a tad rough on this pattern to begin with.  It is actually one of the few that doesn’t have a shoulder and neckline made for a linebacker.  I think when we get this dress altered correctly, it may be the most flattering dress I have worn.  Not too shabby for something that was destined for the rag bag a while back.  And it is wearable in it’s vintage floral (sheet!) form.  Cool and comfy on a hot, summer day!

Have you ever remade or saved a project from the rag bag?

Till next time,

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