pencil, eraser, Another Hatchett Job blog, homeschool, education, writing, creative commonsI have written for years. The college I attended even published a poem that I wrote.

But, other than in my blog, I don’t even really write. Well, I write, but I don’t share my work with others and I certainly have never submitted my work for publication.

Today, I submitted an article to a magazine that is re-launching itself in August. I have no idea if they will like it or accept it, but I went out on a limb and wrote up something simple and sent in some photos to go with it.

I also listed several other ideas that I was ready to write about. So, we will see where this all leads, but I do find myself feeling rather brave at this moment.

Who knows where this adventure will end up? I hope you will keep reading and come along for the ride!

Have YOU ever written for publication?

Till next time,

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4 thoughts on “Gulp!

  1. At one time, when my daughter was little, I wrote puzzles for Superb Puzzle Magazine. Now she has had a novella and a few short stories published. One was even turned into a pod cast.

    Good luck! You can only get published if you submit!

  2. Hi Jan, I hope your piece gets accepted, but if not, press on! Sometimes it takes a while. I’ve had non-fiction, humor, and fiction published. (Fiction was the hardest market to crack. It took a lot of persistence, but once you have at least one credit to your name, other editors are more likely to give you a chance.) I would like to very highly recommend one book that was extremely helpful to me: Making a Literary Life by Carolyn See. It’s not a how-to-write book, but it gives tremendous insight about getting a foot in the door. In my current season of life I’m not focusing on writing or trying to get anything published, but I would be happy to share anything I learned in the ten or so years that I called myself a writer. Email me anytime at…………………Kim

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping by and telling me about that book! I will definitely be on the lookout for it. Your kind words are wonderful! As it turns out, I did get accepted as a regular contributor with my work appearing in their blog, newsletter mailings, and/or magazine, so I am pretty excited!

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