Guest Post at Molly Green Magazine Blog

Another Hatchett Job, Molly Green Magazine blog, salsa, canning, frugal ife, recipe, cookingHello all!  Today, I am over at the Molly Green blog with my new article all about canning fresh tomato salsa (even when you are out of fresh tomatoes).  My family thinks my salsa is the best and I hope your family will enjoy it also.

To read more about this tasty salsa, click here.

If you like this article, you may want to check out a FREE issue of Molly Green Magazine here.  It’s a limited time offer.  This is the magazine all about the home:  HOME Industry, HOMEkeeping, HOMEsteading, HOMEschooling.  Always great articles to be found.  With a paid subscription, you get access to a FREE store to sell your HOMEmade goods.  It’s a great deal!

Have you read Molly Green Magazine before?

Till next time,

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