Crocheted Baby Gifts

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Gift for an expectant friend.

Some things are just plain ol’ fun to make!  And baby gifts are the closest thing to instant gratification around due to the small size and the fact that while making them, I am remembering my own teen boys as precious infants.

Crocheted gifts are also good on the budget.  By purchasing baby yarns (baby items have to be super soft) at my local Wal-Mart, I was able to make this little set for an expectant friend for very little cash outlay, but a big impact.  As a matter of fact, I find that homemade baby gifts (especially the cute booties) are very well received gifts that don’t take weeks or even months to complete.

I am not one to stick entirely to a pattern once I know what I am doing, but I did for the hat and booties this time.  I found the patterns for them on this site.  The site is run by a lady, Bev Qualheim, who is very generous in sharing patterns, links, and ideas for all sorts of knitted, crocheted, and sewn projects.  She encourages many to be made for charitable purposes and even lists organizations that would be helped by a simple donation of a few hand made items.  I love this site for all sorts of ideas and tips to make your crafts the very best that they can be!

The blanket is from a pattern that I have used many, many times for gifts.  It can be found here.   This pattern works up quickly because you hold two strands of yarn together as you crochet.  To make it a bit larger after I ran out of the blue yarn, I added a double stranded border of single crochet in white.  It makes a warm blanket, without a lot of holes to get little fingers caught in.  As the intended recipient is expected to arrive in the near future, warm blankets will be welcomed.  For summer babies, I like two sided fleece receiving blankets.  They are not too warm, but useful in air conditioning.

What is your go-to baby gift?  Do you make gifts yourself?

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