Butchering Skills to the Rescue!

Another Hatchett Job blog, Creative Commons Attribution, piggy bank, money, savings, frugal life, frugal living, saving moneyI love a good deal, but I try to be really careful to make sure that I don’t purchase things that aren’t really going to be useful. If we don’t use it or like it, then it’s wasted money, no matter what.

Being totally unfamiliar with most butchering skills, hubby has taught me a few things (actually a whole bunch) that has helped me to see good meat deals in a new light.

Did you know that Center Cut Pork Chops (you know, the pretty ones that sit on the top of the family package of mixed chops, hiding the ones with the bone in them) are just slices made from the Pork Loin? Okay, you likely did, but I didn’t know that for a long time. Occasionally, we would be at the grocery store and the hubby would find a big hunk of meat at a really good price and bring it home and chunk it up into useable sized pieces. I still didn’t have the “vision” to see what could be made from what was available until he explained (I’m a bit slow :-)) that when he cut 1 inch slices off of a pork loin, that he was making Center Cut Chops without paying the butcher extra. Our time slicing and packaging meant that we didn’t pay as much for our chops!

This week, one local store that we go to occasionally (it is a warehouse that sells things that are close to their expiration date, but the meats are always fresh) had a really good price on whole pork loins. I mean REALLY good for our area. So, I picked up two (warning hubby that he was playing butcher that evening) and stashed them in the fridge.

Another Hatchett Job, frugal life, saving money, home economics
Pork loin becomes bargain priced center cut chops!

Hubby was nearly floored when he saw the size of them. I neglected to mention the word, “whole,” apparently. So, he cut one into two really big pork loins for company meals and half of one into generous 1 inch chops for our family of 6 adult appetites to eat on twice. The remaining portion will be cooked as a pork loin and sliced thin for biscuits–lots of biscuits.

If I can luck up and find another one or two at that price in a couple of weeks, hubby and I will dice it for me to pressure can for quick meals for busy, Winter days.

By my estimation, our work in the kitchen saved us around a dollar a pound over the best price for center cut chops that I have found in our local area.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

What is your best kitchen money saving tip? Share in the comments!

Till next time,

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2 thoughts on “Butchering Skills to the Rescue!

  1. Hi Jan, thanks for sharing your tip at the Art of Home-Making Mondays! I would say that to boil up your bones into broths would also make a nice, thrifty but very healthy meal too! 🙂

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