Thanksgiving Cactus

Lots of people have Christmas Cactus plants.  They are downright common.  I thought that I was purchasing a Christmas cactus, years ago, when I bought a small, spindly sprig from my local WalMart and hoped I could keep it alive.

But, alas…  I did NOT obtain a Christmas cactus.  This plant has consistently bloomed, every Thanksgiving, without fail.  Weather is unseasonably warm; cactus blooms Thanksgiving week.  Weather is unseasonably cold; cactus blooms Thanksgiving week.  Weather is incredibly different from anything ever seen in human history… you guessed it!

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, Thanksgiving cactus, houseplants

I guess if I am not exactly normal, I can’t expect my houseplants to be.

Do you have any quirky plants?

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett



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