Quilts for the Bucket List, Part 1

I am forever finding quilts that I absolutely love, but many of those, I know that I will never get around to making.  They might be way above my skill level, not go well with my home, or are just too frivolous to actually use.  But, there are also many which I am dying to get made…sooner or later.

These are some recent favorites in no particular order.  I am deliberately limiting this post to 5 entries, lest I lose readers.  For my quilting friends, more will follow soon.  To my other readers, I will get back to other writings soon.

Right now, I find myself really enamored with 5 Yard Quilts, which are quilts that are largely built around 5 one yard cuts of coordinating fabrics, usually without a definite background, but sometimes they add a 6th fabric, a neutral, to make the others stand out.  As one of my LQS’s had a 50% off sale for Black Friday, one yard cuts became a very do-able and affordable idea.

Another Hatchett Job, Sawtooth Blades Quilt pattern1.  Sawtooth Blades.  Available here.  Scroll down to find it.  You may find several other options you like on this site also.  Wouldn’t this be absolutely darling in 30s reproduction Another Hatchett Job, Scrap Jar Stars by Gigi's Thimble, quilt patternfabrics?

2.  Scrap Jar Stars.  Free pattern and tutorial available here.  Any number of colorways or totally scrappy could work here.

Another Hatchett Job, Okie Star Quilt Pattern, Amazon.com3.  Okie Star.  Available from Amazon, here.  Great use for fabrics combinations with strong contrast.Another Hatchett Job, Mod Medallions quilt block by Gigi's Thimble

4. Mod Medallions.  Available through Etsy, here.    Love the curved machine applique.  Reminds me of Cathedral Windows with extra curves.  Could totally work with 5 fabrics plus a neutral.

Another Hatchett Job, Patriotic Star 5 Yard Quilt Pattern5.  If red, white, and blue is your passion, this is a great Patriotic Star Quilt.  Pattern available here.  I am sure this would look great in many different colorways or even scrappy with controlled contrast, but I have a thing for the traditional rwb combination.  It always look fresh to me.

 Do you have a quilt that you are itching to make next?  Share it in the comments, below.

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett


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