Healthy Turkey Bone Broth

Another Hatchett Job, turkey bone broth, frugal lifeThere are few things in life that are as soothing and wonderful as a warm mug of soup on a cold, winter’s day.  Not to mention if you are feeling a bit under the weather, chicken or turkey soup can be the difference between fed and truly nourished.

While chicken soup has been called Jewish Penicillin for decades, making it with homemade bone broth increases the minerals that are available for absorption and other healthy compounds in your soup.  It’s a very inexpensive thing to do if you like to feel a little self-reliant, a little frugal, and like tastier foods.

Another Hatchett Job, turkey bone broth in jars, canning, frugal life
The longer and slower you cook your broth, the darker and richer it becomes.

Just beware that to make bone broth, you must cook it low and slow.  Increasing the heat won’t make it happen any faster.  Be patient with it.

Here is my original article on making bone broth.

Do you make homemade broths?

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