Howdy, Ya’ll!

My name is Jan Hatchett and I am the person behind the Another Hatchett Job blog.   I wear a lot of hats around here.  There are 6 of us (plus 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a leopard gekko–don’t ask) living in a small log cabin in the country.  It’s quiet and cozy, but just a little chaotic at times!  I don’t write about it a lot, but my Christian faith is very important to me.

I am a high school Science and English Literature teacher.  I have taught in both public and private schools.  I love my students, but have always hated the “education beauracracy” that keeps good teachers down in favor of the mediocre ones.  I know loads of amazing teachers, but I know far more really crappy ones.

My decision to homeschool was a long time in the making.  I know that for our family, it is the right decision.  My kids are thriving (and with one Autistic kiddo, that says a LOT) and learning and avoiding a lot of bad influences.  Not that they aren’t aware of what is going on in our culture,  hubby and I just don’t allow it to bombard them constantly and drag them down.

Our family is involved in Boy Scouts, our local homeschool co-op, Atlanta Audubon, Georgia Ornathological Society, the Special Olympics (equestrian events).  We believe in volunteering where we can and including our teen sons with us.  We have helped to package over 4,000 Thanksgiving meals with our Boy Scout troop and mucked stalls and repainted them to help a fellow Scout earn his Eagle Award.

I am personally involved with Project Linus, Conn-Kerr Cancer Georgia, and Quilts for Kids.  Funny, the boys don’t enjoy quiltmaking!  {giggle}  Maybe someday they will appreciate it more.

Currently, we are fortunate to have found several like minded families to do school with.  My sons take high school classes with about 12 or so other kids and they are very happy with the arrangement.  We meet once a week for classes and fellowship and bring home 4 days of homework, reading, projects, etc. to do on the other days.  We’ve made some amazing friends and the boys are learning lots.

Now that I have bored you to death talking about me, I hope you will stick around and comment on anything that interests you.  I’d love to get to know you better!

I am glad you stopped by and I hope you will enjoy your time here!  Remember, you can subscribe by email any time and then you won’t miss a thing.

See you soon!



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