Black Friday Steals

Another Hatchett Job blog, Creative Commons Attribution, savings ahead, road signs, warning signs, saving money, frugal life, frugal livingOkay, I am not a die hard Black Friday shopper.  I cower at home and do my sales shopping online, except for my local quilt stores.  Usually, at least one of them will have an amazing sale that I can take advantage of in person.  These are good, local-ish, small businesses that I love to support.  They also are small enough that even with a crowd, that probably means only 10 or so shoppers at one time, so it’s not quite as overwhelming as in those big stores where clerks get trampled and folks fight to the death over a flat screen t.v.

Call me crazy (many do), but violence is not part of how I envision the whole Christmas Season starting off.  My hat’s off to those of you who can brave the crowds and find the great deals!  I’ll be home shopping on my computer in my jammies, thank you very much.

But, at my Black Friday quilt store foray, I found an entire store at 50% off!  Woo Hoo!  It’s a Winter Wonderland for me.  It was my first Black Friday at this quilt store, but it certainly won’t be my last!

So, I will show off my finds.  I got these lovely one yard cuts of fabric and now must find the perfect pattern for them.  Fun stuff!  I also got a couple of yards of interfacing, but that’s not the stuff of good photos, so I didn’t take one.


Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, quilting fabric, quilting, sewing, crafts
My Black Friday purchase from Southern Stitches Quilt Shop in Thomaston, Georgia.

Soft aquas with whites and reds.  Looks like fun to me!

Did you get any deals for Black Friday?

Till next time,

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Sneak Peek!

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, fat quarters, sneak peek fabricsOkay, my crafting friends.  I have some serious crafting vibes going on.  And it isn’t all for gifting purposes.  Some is because I have gotten a serious redecorate the upstairs of the house vibes going on simultaneously.

If you remember from this post, I am no longer going to not post about anything crafty during the holidays because there is just too much good stuff going on and, well, I can’t stand it!  So, while I can’t give everything away, I am seriously going to show what I have going on as much as possible.

This past Friday, I picked up some fat quarters from my local (well, local-ish) quilt shop.  Aren’t they just beautiful, natural tones?  Personally, I think a nice, long skirt with the paisley on the right would be fabulous!  But, these are for a mystery project that a few of my barn girlfriends and I will be doing together.  Ooooooh!  Good friends, lots of fun, and crafts.  Can’t go wrong with that combination!

I am getting particularly happy with the projects I have picked for this year and I usually am plagued with self doubt during this time of year.  Hmmmm.  Not sure what is going on, but I am digging these happy vibes!

What are YOU crafting for this Christmas?

Till next time,

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Slow Sunday Stitching 3

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, Christmas ornaments, frugal life, frugal gifts, frugal holidays, star ornaments, diy ornaments, hand sewingHello friends,

This week, I haven’t worked a single stitch on the quilt.  The wonderful (steal of a deal, many years ago) lamp that sits just behind and beside my rocking chair has blown its ballast.  Hubby will have to order a new part for it, so with the holidays impending, it will be a week or more before we can get back into full quilting mode.  Sigh.  I do realize that I am very, very lucky to have a handy hubby as opposed to spending money on a new lamp.

As for actual hand stitching, I have done a little bit.  I sewed some trim and buttons on some homemade fabric Christmas ornaments.  They turned out very cute, but, unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of them.  I plan to use them as little gifts, or as gift tags.  The best part is when they are fun to actually make and you smile while you stitch!  That is success in my book!

I worked on some star ornaments that are being hand sewn together.  They are a little wonky, but cute and cheerful.  In the photo, the one on the left is partially sewn (it’s really kind of tough to not sew through all of the layers with every stitch and only catch the top fabrics).  The ones on the right are just pinned down.  I have no idea why I purchased these fabrics.  I got them on super sale (I found the receipt) at my LQS.  I don’t think I had a particular project in mind for them at the time.  So, this made for a rather frugal way to use up some bright, holiday fabrics into Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, dresden plate quilt block, hand applique, frugal life, frugal gift, quilting, hand sewingornaments.

My biggest project is getting some things ready for Christmas projects.  Some are for gifts and some are for my home, but I spent a fair bit of time getting some dresden plate blocks ready for hand applique over the holiday weekend.  The only hand applique that I have ever done has been the raw edge, blanket stitched version.  I have never done any where the edge is turned under and the stitches are hidden before.  This could be interesting!

I like to do some hand work while watching movies or binge watching on Netflix and this appears to be a good weekend for that.  So, next week, I may have even more progress to show for my hand sewing.

Of course, I am linking up again at Slow Stitching Sundays at Kathy’s Quilts.

If you missed my other Slow Stitching Sunday posts:  #1 is here and #2 is here.

What wonderful projects are YOU working on?

Till next time,

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