More Painting Fun!

My inspiration piece.
My inspiration piece.

The painting bug hit pretty hard this Christmas.  After I took a class in November, I realized that this opened the door to making even more creative gifts for family and friends.  This painting is of a Painted Bunting.  We see these beautiful, colorful birds each year when we go down to Jekyll Island for vacation or to visit.  They are a family favorite.

I looked at scores of photographs online of the Painted Bunting, so I could try to be reasonably accurate in the color placement, etc.  All in all, it was a pretty fun project to complete.  Not a masterpiece and certainly not a photograph, but a bright, happy, obvious bird painting.  Works for me.

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Painted Bunting

This particular painting was inspired by a painting of an Eastern Bluebird.  Since the shapes were largely similar, I kind of kept the outline the same and then changed the coloration to be that of the more showy Painted Bunting.  Birdie then became part of Christmas for my youngest son, an avid bird watcher.

He really seemed to enjoy it and asked for another to go with it.  He is just determining which bird he would like next.  Love that!  I think I would like to try the mottled Bluebird, myself.

Do you ever attempt a new craft?  How did you like it?

Till next time,

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Learning to Paint

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Our inpiration.

In November, I ventured out with friends to try a new craft type:  painting.  There is a shop in Griffin, Georgia called, Stache Studio, that let’s customers come in and paint a picture on canvas with acrylic paints.  They also do ceramics and some other things, but I met two friends to try and paint a horse.  The instructor was fantastic, and we had a wonderful time.

Of course, I know these ladies from the Calvin Center Equestrian Program, so we had loads to talk about and we laughed and laughed.  The best thing about my barn friends is that we all enjoy each other so very, very much when we are able to match up schedules and get together for a bit!

So, here is the final product!  I am impressed that they are all easily identifiable as horses, yet so different and unique to each of us.  I am on the far left.  I decided that my horse is a complete fantasy.  Her name is Princess Buttercup.  She is a haflinger.  She stands 14 hands high, is strong as an ox, and, of course, loves me to pieces.  A girl can dream, right?

Another Hatchett Job, Stache Studio, acrylic on canvas, horse lovers, horse paintings, crafts, paintingNot too shabby if I do say so myself!

Have you ever taken a painting lesson?  What did you create?

Till next time,

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