Quilts for Orlando

Heart Blocks in Multiple SizesBy now, most people are keenly aware that a terrorist brazenly attacked the peaceful and innocent patrons of Pulse, a club in Orlando, Florida last weekend.  I really don’t feel that I have anything unique to add to the conversation that has naturally arisen online and in the media concerning this event.

I do feel that the best course of action is to sit politics aside (we probably should do this more often, but I digress…) and focus, instead, on our shared humanity and whatever compassionate response that each of us can offer.

The moderator of a quilt group that I am involved in, offered a unique way to be of service to others and also show compassion to those affected in a very tangible way.  I have known for many years that quilters and other crafters are some of the most caring and generous people around.  This project is a great way to give a tangible “hug” to those who need it most right now.

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is calling for quilt block and finished quilt submissions to be given to the survivors of the Orlando attack, the families of those who perished, and the police, ambulance, and hospital staffs who helped injured survivors.  For the complete blog post and specifics, click here.

As they are requesting both single blocks (10 inch square)  and finished quilts (48 x 60 inches up to twin size) it is possible for most quilters to be able to participate without an undue drain on time or finances.  The requested theme is Rainbow Hearts and they ask that each quilt and/or individual block have at least one heart motif in it.  I’d bet most of us quilters have enough scrap fabrics to applique a quick heart block (or 12) without having to dig through even a fraction of our scraps and stash.  Mix a hodge podge of those blocks together with lots of riotous prints and colors and you will have a rainbow of sorts.  With beauty coming from the combination of many different elements.

Kind of like the good ol’ U.S. of A.

What are YOU quilting lately?

Till next time,






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