Nautical Baby Quilt

Another Hatchett Job, nautical baby quilt, close up on anchor, machine applique, frugal gift
My first attempt at machine applique.

Once in a while, I get a chance to give a baby gift that fits in well with the theme that the parents and grandparents are doing the nursery in. This was one of those really fun times!

My friend Regina’s son, TJ, recently got married and is expecting a baby with his wife, Brittany.  We are all so excited for their little family and also for Regina and Terry to be grandparents for the first time.  Never have people been so excited to welcome a new baby into this world!  Their enthusiasm and love is absolutely contagious and it makes it such fun to make a special gift.

Another Hatchett Job, nautical baby quilt, anchors front and back, frugal gift
Anchor fabrics from the back and front of the quilt.

I had been stalking Regina’s Pinterest account for a while and knew that she had pinned lots of ideas for her grandson’s nursery.  I knew I wanted to make something for this baby, but couldn’t quite decide which direction to go in.  Fortunately, Regina and Brittany met me for lunch one day, a couple of weeks ago, and told me all about their nursery plans.  That certainly made it far easier to know exactly what kind of look and color scheme they were going for.  So, with about 2 weeks to spare, I started shopping for fabric.

The final decision was something in red, white, and blue with a nautical theme.  Regina mentioned anchors and I saw them in a few of her Pinterest posts, so that is what I started looking for in fabric.  Some fabrics I found had both navy and lighter blues in addition to the red and white.  While I liked those, for the front of the quilt, I wanted a very crisp, patriotic color scheme.  Having been born while my father was in the Navy, serving in Brunswick, Georgia, I love the nautical theme and knew exactly what I wanted to capture in fabric.

Another Hatchett Job, nautical baby quilt, machine quilting, frugal gift
The completed quilt.

Eventually, I found a navy fabric with a white, anchor print, plain (crisp) white muslin, and a mottled true red.  Binding called out for a very tailored red and white stripe and for backing I found a busy, anchor print with both navy and light blues mixed in with red and white.

The top is made from 12 inch stripes (width of fabric) of the navy anchor print and white muslin fabrics.  On the lower right hand corner, I machine appliqued an anchor in place.  It was a bit nerve wrecking because I had always shied away from machine applique, but it turned out pretty well, I think.

I neglected to get a photo of the beautiful mom-to-be with the quilt, so I can’t share one here, but I am sure that as soon as I can, I will get one of the nursery and that precious baby boy in it!

All in all, the quilt seemed to be a big hit and matches several other items that were made for nursery, so it will be a good fit with the theme of the room.  The best part, though, will be welcoming a new little friend into the world.

I make lots of different things for baby gifts.  Do you have a go-to baby gift?

Till next time,

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Chemistry Quilt

Warning, this is a picture heavy post.  You have been warned! 🙂

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jessica Vaughn, chemistry quilt, baby quilt, quilting
The finished quilt, along with a few other gifts received by my friends.
Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jessica Vaughn, back of chemistry quilt, periodic table fabric, baby quilt, quilting
The backing and binding are Periodic Table of Elements themed.


Another Hatchett Job, photo by Ethan Hatchett, chemistry quilt, baby quilt, flasksI don’t know about you, but this is the only truly “chemistry” or “science” themed quilt that I am aware of.  It took some hunting skills, but once I found the mid-Another Hatchett Job, photo by Ethan Hatchett, Mod Green Atomic Printcentury reproduction atomic prints, I knew I could pull this off!  With the “geek chic” style that is coming of age (an appreciation of intellect, go figure), it was fun to round out this little fabric collection.Another Hatchett Job, photo by Ethan Hatchett, Mod Blue Atomic Print

At first, I was concerned that the overall effect would be a bit somber for welcoming a little bundle of joy, but once I got it all put together, it really worked.  Of course the brightly colored liquid in the various flasks do help to lighten the mood, overall.Another Hatchett Job, photo by Ethan Hatchett, geek chic fabric, gotta wear shades

The best part is that when I finished the project and mailed it off to the Mommy and Daddy to be, they loved it!  He is a high level chemist and she is a nurse.  They asked for aAnother Hatchett Job, photo by Ethan Hatchett, chemistry quilt, baby quilt, scientific formulas fabric chemistry or science vibe, and I think I pulled it off.  Love my geeky friends!

What have YOU been quilting lately?

Till next time,

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Whew! A Finish!

Another Hatchett Job, embroidery, scrap quilt, quilt label, modern quilt, wedding quilt, quilting
Embroidery by Judy Purdy; photo by Jan Hatchett

It has been a whirlwind month.  About two weeks before the big day, my baby brother announced that he was getting married!  Since we had already met and fell in love with our new family member, and my new sister-in-love, we were very excited, but under the gun for the wedding gift.  As quilters, we like to make, you guessed it, quilts and it was going to be very, very tough to get one made in two weeks for the wedding.

Another Hatchett Job, wedding quilt label, quilting, scrap quilt,
Center block of the quilt holds the label.

And, honestly, we didn’t make it.  Even after Mom and I sat at the dining room table with two sewing machines and sewed like fiends, we didn’t make the deadline.  They were married on February 4th and we gifted them with their quilt on February 22nd, after they had come down to celebrate my brother’s birthday with us.  We put the last stitch in it on February 19th and washed and dried it on the following day.  Not too bad, all things considering.

I may have been a little gung-ho to get this done (out of fear of it languishing around for years, unfinished), as Dad dubbed our work area as “Jan’s sweat shop.”  Ahem.  Nuff said.

As the bride didn’t indicate any favorite colors and we couldn’t be too bold and ask outright (it would ruin the surprise), we took an “anything goes” palette of scraps in all colors.  I used an “organic, improvisational, modern” approach.  I have since learned that those terms mean, essentially, “wonky, but cool.”  In order to save time, we densely quilted the blocks onto the batting as we made them, adding the backing on separately.

Another Hatchett Job, wedding quilt, scrap quilt, frugal gift, machine quilt, modern quilt
Completed quilt top.

It was an interesting way to finish a quilt and it was quite efficient in some ways.  In retrospect, I would have added backing to each block and joined them Quilt as You Go style with sashing strips.   My sewing machine just couldn’t handle the stress of sewing through the intersections and the free arm was just short enough to prevent me from quilting the back on “in the ditch” as originally planned.  Hence, we tied the back on, Appalachian style.

It does kind of work as I tend to quilt my quilts and my Mom tends to tie hers.  This one is a unique hybrid of both techniques.

But, I wish the quilting went through to the back.  Live and learn.  It was quick and simple.  I love the end result.

And the best part is that my brother and his gorgeous wife love it, too!

Another Hatchett Job, wedding quilt, newlyweds, quilting, machine quilting, scrappy quilt
And this is why it was all worth it! Ain’t they cute???

The worst part was wanting to tell this quilt’s story, the new technique and all while I was making it and knowing that it would blow the surprise if someone told them what we were working on.  I am horrible at the discretion part of this gifting stuff!

What are you working on lately?

Till next time,

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Horse Pillows

Another Hatchett job, photo by Jan Hatchett, horse pillows, crafts, frugal gifts, horse lovers, equestrian gifts
“Barn Moms” get pretty creative when left to our own devices!

Eldest son is absolutely horse crazed!  I can’t claim to be far from it, myself.  But, he is a born cowboy and he loves to ride.

So, how could I not craft up a little something for Christmas that was right up his alley?  A bunch of the “Barn Moms” and I got together and made some absolutely adorable pillows decorated with horses on them.  Some were fanciful, others looked like a particular horse, we even had a fantastical unicorn in the mix!  Lots of the “barn kids” received pillows among their Christmas gifts and they seemed to be a huge hit with everyone.

My kiddo received a pillow that represents “his” horse Doc.  Doc is a quarter horse who hates baths and brushing and just wants to throw on a saddle and go–much like my son!  He is a true cowboy horse and he has claimed my son as one of his very favorite people.

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, horse pillows, crafts, frugal gifts, equestrian gifts, horse lovers
(L to R) Pillows representing Hans the Hanoverian (in show braids), Baron the Shire, and Doc the Quarter Horse.

On the right are three of the pillows that I made.  I wish I had gotten more photos of them before I delivered them.  On the left is one that went to one of DS18s riding instructors.  It looks like Hans, the big, goofy warmblooded Hanoverian that lives at the stables.  His instructor often rides him in ACTHA rides and Equestrian events, hence the braids instead of a mane.  I hoped that the paisley fabric would emphasize his fancy “show” prowess.

The middle pillow represents Baron, the Shire and our only draft horse at the stables.  Unfortunately, not long after I made this pillow, he suffered a strangulation lymphoma and didn’t make it.  I am hoping that DS18s other instructor enjoyed receiving this remembrance of this big, gorgeous boy.  As much as he was my favorite horse to ride and to love on, he clearly loved her (and she loved him) more than anyone else.  It’s sad to lose a friend, but I will always remember that drafty personality and big, pretty walk of his.  Sigh.

On the far right is Doc, the Quarter Horse.  His mane is made of looped twine that is “blowing” backward because he is running across the fields.  This is my son’s favorite horse and if he had been available to lease, we would have done it.  They make such a good team together, even reading each other’s minds.  Doc is kind of a no muss, no fuss kind of horse who hates brushing, braiding, baths, or pretty much anything other than riding, meal times, and peppermints.  It’s an ideal match for my son, who pretty much feels the same way about baths and anything too fussy related to hygiene.  LOL!

Fortunately, all of the pillows seem to be well received and enjoyed!  My kiddo sleeps with his on the bed at night. He is afraid it will get messed up if it falls on the floor.

Did your child have a favorite gift that you made?

Till next time,

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Sneak Peek Update

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, dresden pillows, dresden plate block, hand stitching, quilting, crafts, frugal gifts
Ready to start stitching!

Do you remember this post?

That block that was ready to be stitched down, ultimately became one of four dresden plate decorative pillows that were given as Christmas gifts this year.  I couldn’t share them before now, because we hadn’t had our final family celebration yet.  Despite a false start or two where the block didn’t want to stay put while I was stitching it and bunched up badly, I eventually used fusible adhesive to hold the center of the blocks in place while I hand appliqued the edges down.  It worked like a charm!Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, dresden pillows, dresden quilt blocks, quilting, crafts, frugal gifts

I must say that I was fairly intimidated by the idea of hand applique with a hidden stitch.  I had done hand blanket stitch applique before, but after my friend, Beverly, showed me the proper stitch, it just felt like something that I would be willing to try.

I am proud to say that all of the pillows turned out beautifully and were happily received!

Did you make any Christmas gifts this past year?

Till next time,

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Slow Stitching Sunday 5

Another Hatchett Job, creative commons, Slow Stitching Sundays, hand sewingIt’s been a busy week with a bit of success in the dresden plate department.  I was able to use some of the (much needed and appreciated) advice that readers graciously left me in the comments last week to find a way to correct my problem with the blocks.

I used a circle of Wonder Under fusible interfacing to affix the blocks to the background fabric.  This left the points at the end of each blade free for hand applique, while eliminating the shifting problem.  It worked beautifully and I had four completed in the time it took to watch a Netflix movie.

Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, dresden plate quilt block, hand applique, frugal life, frugal gift, quilting, hand sewing
Dresden Plate Quilt Block ready to be hand appliqued.

Limited progress on the ornaments, though.  It’s harder to stitch them (without actually catching the back layer with the needle) than I thought, so I may have to rethink what I am doing with them.  But, they will get finished, one way or another.

I did a tiny bit of hand sewing with friends while working on some other Christmas gifts, but nothing that I can really share right now.

What have YOU been stitching this Sunday?

Till next time,

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I shared this post with one or more of the great Blog Parties and Hops that I participate in.


Black Friday Steals

Another Hatchett Job blog, Creative Commons Attribution, savings ahead, road signs, warning signs, saving money, frugal life, frugal livingOkay, I am not a die hard Black Friday shopper.  I cower at home and do my sales shopping online, except for my local quilt stores.  Usually, at least one of them will have an amazing sale that I can take advantage of in person.  These are good, local-ish, small businesses that I love to support.  They also are small enough that even with a crowd, that probably means only 10 or so shoppers at one time, so it’s not quite as overwhelming as in those big stores where clerks get trampled and folks fight to the death over a flat screen t.v.

Call me crazy (many do), but violence is not part of how I envision the whole Christmas Season starting off.  My hat’s off to those of you who can brave the crowds and find the great deals!  I’ll be home shopping on my computer in my jammies, thank you very much.

But, at my Black Friday quilt store foray, I found an entire store at 50% off!  Woo Hoo!  It’s a Winter Wonderland for me.  It was my first Black Friday at this quilt store, but it certainly won’t be my last!

So, I will show off my finds.  I got these lovely one yard cuts of fabric and now must find the perfect pattern for them.  Fun stuff!  I also got a couple of yards of interfacing, but that’s not the stuff of good photos, so I didn’t take one.


Another Hatchett Job, photo by Jan Hatchett, quilting fabric, quilting, sewing, crafts
My Black Friday purchase from Southern Stitches Quilt Shop in Thomaston, Georgia.

Soft aquas with whites and reds.  Looks like fun to me!

Did you get any deals for Black Friday?

Till next time,

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Quilts for the Bucket List, Part 1

I am forever finding quilts that I absolutely love, but many of those, I know that I will never get around to making.  They might be way above my skill level, not go well with my home, or are just too frivolous to actually use.  But, there are also many which I am dying to get made…sooner or later.

These are some recent favorites in no particular order.  I am deliberately limiting this post to 5 entries, lest I lose readers.  For my quilting friends, more will follow soon.  To my other readers, I will get back to other writings soon.

Right now, I find myself really enamored with 5 Yard Quilts, which are quilts that are largely built around 5 one yard cuts of coordinating fabrics, usually without a definite background, but sometimes they add a 6th fabric, a neutral, to make the others stand out.  As one of my LQS’s had a 50% off sale for Black Friday, one yard cuts became a very do-able and affordable idea.

Another Hatchett Job, Sawtooth Blades Quilt pattern1.  Sawtooth Blades.  Available here.  Scroll down to find it.  You may find several other options you like on this site also.  Wouldn’t this be absolutely darling in 30s reproduction Another Hatchett Job, Scrap Jar Stars by Gigi's Thimble, quilt patternfabrics?

2.  Scrap Jar Stars.  Free pattern and tutorial available here.  Any number of colorways or totally scrappy could work here.

Another Hatchett Job, Okie Star Quilt Pattern, Amazon.com3.  Okie Star.  Available from Amazon, here.  Great use for fabrics combinations with strong contrast.Another Hatchett Job, Mod Medallions quilt block by Gigi's Thimble

4. Mod Medallions.  Available through Etsy, here.    Love the curved machine applique.  Reminds me of Cathedral Windows with extra curves.  Could totally work with 5 fabrics plus a neutral.

Another Hatchett Job, Patriotic Star 5 Yard Quilt Pattern5.  If red, white, and blue is your passion, this is a great Patriotic Star Quilt.  Pattern available here.  I am sure this would look great in many different colorways or even scrappy with controlled contrast, but I have a thing for the traditional rwb combination.  It always look fresh to me.

 Do you have a quilt that you are itching to make next?  Share it in the comments, below.

Till next time,

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10 Christmas Ornaments to Make, Part 2

Another Hatchett Job, diy folded fabric ornaments, crafts, no sew craftsI love making Christmas ornaments.  It’s fun to put crafty stuff together and they make great gifts, too!  Here are 5 more lovely diy ornament ideas that I want to try (one of these years)!

6.  I love these folded fabric ornaments to the left.  Aren’t they cute?  Find the complete instructions, here.Another Hatchett Job, diy folded fabric ornament, no sew crafts, crafts

7.  I have seen these folded fabric round ornaments before and wondered how they were created.  They are a no sew project that look far more intricate than they really are.  Love that!  Check them out here.

Cinnamon stick christmas ornament 8.  Check out these cute little Christmas trees made from fragrant cinnamon sticks!  It’s a simple project and a great use of those little scraps and strings left over from sewing and quilting projects during the year.  It really is the little things sometimes.  Check them out tree ornament

9.  If fabric Christmas trees are your thing, then check out this sewn version using a fabric circle.  Careful folding takes the fabric from a circle to a gorgeous tree!  Tutorial is here.

10.  Personally, I can follow written instructions okay, but it is extra easy when you have a quality video tutorial to guide you through.  And, I love the vintage sewing machine this fella uses in the Another Hatchett Job, folded fabric ornaments, diy craftsvideo.  It makes me want to get my old treadle up and running.  Watch that video on YouTube here.

There is something festive and fun about making things around Christmas.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate crafts or expensive projects, but even a little something for the Christmas tree will be appreciated and remembered year after year.

If you missed part 1 of this post, click here.

So, which of these ornaments is your favorite?  I am really drawn to the no-sew spherical ornaments with folded fabric.

Till next time,

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Slow Sunday Stitching 4

Another Hatchett Job, applique, hand applique, applique fail, hand stitchingHand stitching did happen at our cabin this weekend, but it didn’t all turn out as expected.  After pinning and preparing the dresden plate blocks, they shifted during stitching.  While I was fretting over making sure that my stitches were small and hidden, my block started sliding in a bit of a spiral pattern.  Some un-stitching is definitely in order so that I can try a different technique next time.  I really didn’t see that coming.  I am used to pinned fabric staying in place.

After I posted the above photo to the Celebrate Hand Quilting forum on Facebook, I got several helpful tips to help me in moving forward.  I think I will try to fuse the blocks down with some Wonder Under (stopping a half inch or so before the ends so I can still hand applique the blocks).  I am hopeful that it will hold the blocks firmly in place while allowing me to practice the tiny, hidden stitches that looked so nice (before I noticed the shifted blocks).  Oh well, it’s all part of the ol’ live and learn philosophy that I have and that I will continue to have until it becomes a major time crunch–then it’s time to panic!  For now, time is not an issue, so I will soldier on for another week and see how things go.

I hope that all of my American friends were able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with an open heart and a stuffed tummy!  For my international friends, I hope you were able to spend some time with family this week also!  Love to all the stitchers out there!

What are you working on this week?  Are you a Slow Sunday Stitcher?

Till next time,

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