Luke’s Blanket

Many, many years ago, my bestie and matron of honor at my wedding, Beverly, gave birth to her oldest son, Aaron.  I got to watch Aaron grow up into a strong, handsome, smart young man.

I even was able to teach him in High School, much to his chagrin.  It was a pleasure to see him grow into adulthood, attend college, enter the military and eventually meet Cameron, the lady of his dreams.

Another Hatchett Job, baby shower,
Aaron and Cameron at the baby shower.

Now, Aaron and Cameron are married and have just had their first born son, Luke.  How fun it was to finally get to meet Cameron (they live in Texas and I am in Georgia) and help with her baby shower.  It brought back loads of memories of attending Beverly’s baby shower and meeting Aaron for the first time.

Beverly was in the process of making an adorable quilt for baby Luke with Peanuts and the Gang fabrics and Cameron got to see it at her Snoopy themed shower.  It was a hit!  Beverly always does amazing quilt work!

So, I thought back to a cute memory that my family had with Aaron.  When he was little, my parents took him to a local circus.  He was always a quiet child and didn’t talk very much, so when he announced that he wanted to ride the elephant at the circus (and they were allowing children to safely ride on the elephants) that my parents couldn’t wait to see if he would like it.

He rode the elephant and was all smiles!  Contemplating his adventure on the way home, he announced, “John (my dad), I want an elephant!”  It may have been the first time he had initiated a conversation with them and they have laughed about that over the years.  When he was deployed to Afghanistan, my dad mailed him a little, plastic elephant toy for his birthday, so he could finally have his elephant!

When I stumbled upon blue flannel with baby elephants on it while looking for something else, I knew that I had to make a

Another Hatchett Job, baby gift, sewing, flannel receiving blanket
Baby elephant flannel.

receiving blanket for the baby that his Daddy would also love!

Unfortunately, I have a photo of the flannel that I used in the double sided receiving blanket, but not of the finished blanket itsself.  I will have to get one with the baby one day soon.

Baby Luke made his appearance on October 9th, 2015!  We are thrilled that both he and his parents are healthy and well (if exhausted)!

Till next time,

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