Log Cabin Quilt Finish

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Log Cabin Squared Quilt on the front porch of the Log Cabin

I finally got my log cabin quilt finished.  I hadn’t anticipated having 3 quilts achieve completion all within about a month, but it worked out that way!

In pure selfishness, this one is for my bed!   It just looks snuggly with the richness of the colors and as it was entirely quilted by hand sitting in the living room of a log cabin, I decided to entitle it “Log Cabin Squared'”  I used the superscript number 2 instead of the word, but I can’t seem to make that happen in a blog post, so….  You get the idea.

The quilt was the second quilt that I pieced together with instruction from Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Quilt Company fame.  Back when she had her Silver Thimble

Another Hatchett Job blog, quilting, log cabin quilts, quilts, hand quilting, log cabin living, sewing crafts
Close up of hand quilting

club/classes in McDonough, Georgia, I attended and fell in love with Pat’s wonderful teaching style, patterns, and cheetos-loving wit!  The fabrics were from a kit that the quilt store, A Scarlet Thread, made available to go with Pat’s pattern called, “White Chocolate.”  My first impression was that the colors made this so rich and warm and masculine looking.  And, even though I used the same type of cotton batting that I always use, it seems like this time, it came out of the dryer with a super crinkly appearance.  It just picked up that luscious, antique feeling from the get go this time.

I did use a more feminine fabric for the back.  It is little pink roses on a deep chocolate brown background that is the perfect little secret smile on the back.  I guess it is my

personal touch.  My guess is that the fabric is trying to mimic the types of prints that were typical in the mid-40s.  It’s just what I would call, “farmhouse cute.”

Another Hatchett Job blog, sewing, crafts, quilts, quilting, hand quilting, log cabin quilts, log cabin living
Serendipitous Star in Log Cabin Squared

As for right now, this is truly a favorite.  Of course, most quilters just absolutely fall in love with whatever top they are hand quilting at the moment.  It’s an occupational hazard of spending so much time with a particular set of fabrics and stitches.  You can’t (or at least I can’t) invest quite that much time into a project and not fall head over heels over the finished result.  So, this rests on my bed as we face unseasonably cold days and nights here in Georgia currently and I enjoy snuggling underneath it (with my hubby) really nice!

If you would like to remember the other two quilts from this trifecta of fall 2013 finishes, you may view them here and here.

What is your latest finish?

Till next time,

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