What is a Curvy Gal to Do???

project 333Okay, Project 333 went shockingly well for the first 3 months.  I didn’t miss any of the clothing that I stashed away and I even had a couple of pieces in my 33 that I didn’t wear because they just didn’t work for me after all.  But, the important thing to note is that I didn’t feel deprived at all with a severely pared down wardrobe.  It turns out that I ignored much of what was in my closet to begin with and wore a few things in rapid succession.

But April 1st became a bit of an awakening.  When swapping to clothes for warmer temperatures (which we usually have had for quite a bit by now), I was finding that I had precious few things that still fit and that most of what I had wasn’t very flattering at all.  Really more of the proverbial Haggard, Hurried, Homeschool Mom thing.  Not good at all.  And nothing suitable for church.

So, that left me with a dilemma.  How am I going to find flattering clothes that fit me with a pretty much non-existent clothing budget as we are currently paying off some super big medical bills?  Basically, the local shops that bother to carry my size (very short, very curvy) are expensive for cheap-o, low quality stuff that isn’t flattering.  Mail order avails some fabulous designs if you are willing to return and reorder to get the perfect size.  But, that is horrendously expensive, but the quality is better.Another Hatchett Job, Learn to Sew, creative commons attribution, sewing machine, plus sized sewing, plus sized fashion

That leaves, gulp, sewing as my final option.  I can use coupons and watch sales and get fabrics for reasonable prices and even good enough quality to withstand more than one season of wear for less than the local fat shops (but only if I am very careful).  But, I have never sewn clothing before, to speak of.  I have mangled a few attempts and thrown the results away, but no successes.  Quilts yes, clothing…sadly, no.

Now, I really have no choice but to learn how to do this.  I am starting with simple dresses to wear this spring and summer and those should get me through most occasions in the heat and humidity (except at the barn, I am not scooping poop in a dress and, as you never know when you might get to ride a bit, I always wear long pants).

Of course, the sewing route forces me to be rather realistic about my shape and it’s excesses.  I guess I have just gotten to an age when I don’t have time to feel embarrassed and hide my body away.  I won’t go out of my way to emphasize the less than flattering, but as I have to have clothing, I may as well have clothing that is comfortable and that I like the looks of.  If others think I look fat, then so be it.  I really am beyond caring!

Another Hatchett Job, Curvy Sewing Collective Logo, Sewing for Plus Size, Plus Size Sewing, Plus Size Fashion,Lately, I have found a few blogs that I have found very inspirational for sewing and dressing the voluptuous and curvy body.  Among them are the fantastic gals of the Curvy Sewing Collective.  Please note that I am in NO way affiliated with the Curvy Sewing Collective.  I am not an experienced seamstress for clothing and I am not a fashion maven.  That disclaimer having been stated, I am very impressed with how each of these chicas translates Plus Sized Fashion into a creation that fits, flatters, and has so much personality.  I am hanging on every post right now and learning all that I can, hoping to have something to show for it shortly.

There is not a single website for this group (at least not that I know of) but I am listing the blogs so that everyone can see what I am so excited about.

Idle Fancy

U and Mii

Quirky Pretty Cute


Mrs. Hughes

Young Broke and Fabulous


Once you look around these blogs and the various items that have been created, I think you will be excited, too!  I have already purchased my Moneta pattern from Collette Patterns and will be looking for the perfect knit fabric to make it out of soon!

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job blog, signature, Jan Hatchett


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